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Commercial Diving

M.Danchor Ltd provides Commercial diving experts with cutting edge equipment in order to provide you with the best service under water. We are an highly experienced commercial diving services firm that operates throughout the offshore and inland domestic Israeli market. Additionally, we consider international projects on an individual basis. We take pride in our experience and in our commitment to safety underwater . Everything we do is focused on minimizing risk and getting the job done right.

Hull and propeller cleaning

M. Danchor Ltd. provides diving services for vessels visiting Israel, such as underwater surveys, hull and propeller cleaning, using the most advanced equipment in the market. All within classification.

Maintenance and repair of underwater pipelines

M.Dancor Ltd. provides diving services in the ports and open sea, performs maintenance, repair and testing of all types and sizes underwater structures including desalination plants inlets.

Fish farm and mooring systems maintenance

Our company provides planing, installation and maintenance for mooring systems at open sea for fish farms, floatation belts, and rafts.

Ports and docks maintenance

M.Danchor Company provides maintenance services for ports and docks such as bollard installation, piers rehabilitation, mooring systems, fenders installation and repair.