About Us

About M.Danchor

M.Danchor Ltd was established at June 2015, due to growth in maritime activities and increase of oil & gas drilling activities along the Israeli shoreline.
Our company full of experience eith over 32 years in the maritime activities. Our team leaders are experts with commercial diving, treatment of sea pollution, boat fleet operation, and maritime project managment.

M.Danchor Ltd offers unique “in-house” one stop shop for the Marine industry & the Israeli Oil & Gas Industry.

Diving services:
Underwater vessels repair and survey, maintenance of docks and pipelines, welding, cutting, filming, concrete setting, and salvaging.

Tugboats, supply vessels, crew boats, crane boats, fast boats and barges.

Oil spill response:
On call teams trained for IMO-2 and supplying for sea pollution treatment.

Solutions that bring you forward

M.Dancor Ltd. offers and specializes in a wide range of marine services in water reservoirs, anchorage, ports and the open sea. With the vast experience, flexibility and equipment available to us we have the ability to give the right response to each project and create the right programs to meet your requirements.

our services


M.Danchor offers a big range of services related to marine projects. Our well trained team, together with endless range of equipment can provide us flexibility in any project.


Commercial Diving

M.Danchor Ltd provides Commercial diving experts with cutting edge equipment in order to provide you with the best service under water. We are an highly experienced commercial diving services firm that operates throughout the offshore and inland domestic Israeli market.


Marine Pollution Responders

M.Danchor Ltd has proven experience providing oil spill response services responding to the full spectrum of spill related incidents that threaten the environment in land or offshore.