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Marine and Offshore Projects

M.Danchor offers a wide range of marine and offshore services and has a proven experience in marine projects. With vast range of equipment and experienced team we offers a tailor made package for your project.

Crane barges installation

M.Dancor offers a wide range of services suitable for supporting commercial marine activities. Inter alia, the assembly and dismantling of marine barges and modular crane barges  for special projects and customer requirements.

Crew boat operations for offshore platforms, rigs and FSO vessels

With fleet of Crewboats up to DP-2 M.Danchor offers offshore transportation and supply to the offshore oil and gas industry, drilling campaigns and production.



M.Danchor provides the full package for STS operations at ports or open sea thanks to its diverse fleet, trained and experiences team leaders and the wide selection of pneumatic fenders.

Towage services

M.Danchor provides ship tying services in tanker connections (multiple systems) and cargo vessel connections in the ports of Ashdod and Haifa

M.Danchor provides ports and open water towage services. With wide range of Tugboats we can handle from small barges to the largest containers ships that enters the Israeli ports.

Rescue and pulling of equipment

M.Dancor provides underwater rescue services and uses its advanced cruise vessels during these operations

M.Dancor provides underwater rescue services using its advanced vessels during its operations.

Marine Construction

M.Danchor provides a range of services for marine construction, ranging from simple inspection to full turnkey projects. Our abilities include above and below-water construction, repair, and inspection services at ports and open sea.